Kodikkarai- Point Calimere

Kodikkarai- Point Calimere

Kodikkarai was made famous by the brilliant author Kalki in his book Ponniyyin Selvan.
This place is simply rich. So rich with natural beauty! Its just hour and a half away from
Queens Inn
Amrita Ghateshwar temple.
A major attraction near the Kodikkarai beach is a well-known temple and its creation is
associated with the churning of the ocean in the ancient ages of Hindu mythology.
Legend has it that the celestial nectar from the Milky Ocean, carried by Vayu, fell at this spot
and assumed the form of a Shiva lingam, hence Amritaghateswarar; and Amrita Theertham
the tank. This legend is very similar to that at Tirukkadavur.

Adivasi Colony
Adivasi Colony is a community of Ambalakars living in huts of mud, coconut fronds and
palmyrah leaves on the edge of Kodiakkarai village. Their traditional livelihood was the
collection of non-timber forest products in the areas that are now the sanctuary. These
practices are now prohibited but not fully eliminated. Many of these people catch fish and
small prawns in the nearby mudflats and swamps. Some work as day labourers in the nearby
salt pans. They have little interaction with other communities on the island.
Shevrayan Kovil 
A shrine to the deities Shevrayan and Soni located deep in the forests of the northern part of
the sanctuary. A small village near this shrine was relocated outside the sanctuary after the
creation of Kodiakkarai Reserve Forest. A large congregation of devotees celebrate a special
festival here in June/July.

Ramar Padam
Another famous spot is the Ramar Padam where footprints of Lord Rama are embossed on
the rocks. Rama is said to have sighted Sri Lanka from here, and what is believed to be his
footprint is preserved nearby. It is believed that Rama attempted to build a bridge to Sri
Lanka from here, and was directed by Shiva to proceed to Rameswaram. It is considered
sacred to bathe in the sea here during the Uttarayana and Dakshinayana transition.

There's a little something for everybody here and nobody feels left behind. This place is a
complete package.
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